About Stéphanie

After getting her bachelors in commerce with an option in Marketing from the University of Ottawa, Stéphanie decided to become a Flight Attendant for one summer.

Having now been in the airline industry for over thirteen years, she describes her days in airline travel as a great experience, not because of the opportunity to travel the world, but for all the lessons learnt regarding dealing with people, especially difficult ones, and handling unexpected situations. Flight attendants are trained to be calm and to always be prepared for everything and anything. We deal with people of many different nationalities and very different cultures.

However, with all the jet-setting to cities around the globe, she found that she was really missing home as she was regularly absent during family events and away too often from her two little ones. That prompted her to think about changing careers.

She decided to enter the exciting world of real estate as she has always had an interest in everything home related. From flipping homes, to decorating and staging.

She is proud to give excellent customer service and is committed to working hard, listen and follow through. She provides quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively.

Stéphanie recognizes and values the trust her clients place in her and strives every day to exceed their expectations.